PARker automatically checks if you are getting the lowest mortgage rate, anonymously
No unwanted phone calls
One minute process
No credit pull
What is Par?
A mortgage calculator that allows you to find the lowest mortgage rate and anonymously chat with loan officers.
“I was able to get a mortgage rate of 2.56% using Par”
Lowest rate a lender can give you without making or losing money
“No way you got a par rate, who would do that?”
How does it Work?
Be anonymous
Anonymously put in your information and watch as our mortgage calculator, Mort-Guage gives you feedback in real time.
Connect with the right loan officer
Our pricing engine does all the heavy lifting by filtering through thousands of loan officers from around the country to find the perfect one.
Control who you want to deal with
You like what you hear? Chat with hundreds of loan officers anonymously until you find the right one.
Learn from experience
It worked out extremely well and we have PAR to thank for making the process so much easier and competitive...

Robert B, Jersey City, NJ
PAR is an amazing platform that simplifies the process of shopping for a new mortgage or a refinance

Jevene P, Rockville, MD
Thanks to PAR, I was able to beat the lowest offer I had by 0.25% saving me thousands in my refinance...

Matthew M, Stamford, CT
Chat Instantly
Chat Screen
Connect with hundreds of loan officers simultaneously and of course anonymously. Get to know if they can really offer you a low rate before you commit
Mortgauge rate meter
Never be surprised with the outcome of your information. As you type in real time, Mort-Gauge calculates your loan risk and displays a mortgage rate you can expect.
Anonymity Deal
When you use our site, we are granting you an anonymity deal. We are pinky promising to keep your identity safe and untraceable by never asking for it. Plain and simple. No one breaks a pinky promise, especially us
PhoneNo unwanted phone callsWe shield your number when we connect you
Credit ScoreNo credit pullsWe don't pull your credit. We protect it
MoneybagNever sell informationWe will under no circumstances sell any of your personal information. Come on, that's just wrong