Our mission is to make sure the borrower isn’t getting screwed.

Par is the first borrower centric mortgage shopping platform that aims to get you the best rate and cost.

Loan officers have different pricing based on their commission(greedy meter). Two different LO from the same Lender, even the same office, offer two different pricing

Yes, it’s crazy, that’s like paying two different prices for the same item at a store depending on which cashier you go through.

So how do you reach thousands of loan officers in 24 hours? Not by using those online comparison sites that sell your personal information to bunch of harassing salesman. That's for sure.

Enter Par! The first platform to let you reach thousands of LO’s, request terms and chat without exposing your identity. We know you want the lowest cost and we want to help you find it.

We want to save homeowners thousands of dollars, they normally leave on the table by not shopping for the rate and cost that they deserve and can get.